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Please update.

Great app.

Please update app

Developer please update to iOS 11 so I can use your app. It’s useless otherwise.

Best quilting app!!

I love this app. So helpful and easy to use. Please update! I want to have it on my new device.

Loved this app

So sorry it has not been updated.

USO 11

Will there ever be an update for ISO 11?

Please UPDATE this APP!!!!!!

I keep getting warnings that this app needs UPDATING!!!!!! Otherwise I would have given more stars! Please please UPDATE your APP!!!

Please Update!

This app is excellent, please PLEASE update it so that it'll work with new operating systems!

Quit working

After uograde with my iPhone, it doesn't work and freezes.. Very disappointed .. I used to love this app

Very useful!

I like that you can pick you inch fractions! Not just standard measurements Thanks!!

Love it!

Great app. I have it handy when I go fabric shopping. Having the measurements for borders and backing at your fingertips is awesome. No guesswork. Thank you!

Great app

Great app. Does what it says.

Great Free App

Easy to use and very helpful.

Love this!

I don't use a lot of the features so I turned them off in settings. I mainly need to know how much backing and binding to buy and get frustrated when I calculate. Then I always end up buying too much because I don't trust my math. Used it last night - entered my finished quilt dimensions and it calculated the right amount of backing and binding! Plus you can decide if you want your backing to be pieced or not (directional). For a free app there isn't much to complain about.

Great Ap

AND now I don't have to carry around my quilt calculator. Less bulk in my purse!


Is this app just for the design shown. Would be great if other simple square quilts were included for the beginner

Useful and uncomplicated

This is an easy to use tool to have when you are shopping for fabric. Input the finished quilt size, quantity and size of blocks, borders and sashing and this app will give you the total yardage needed to complete the quilt.


And so easy!

Great job

Great product, easy to use. An essential for quilters. Thanks! And best of all, it's free.

Great tool!

Although I have several charts that I use to figure yardage, it's nice just to plug the numbers in.


I've been waiting for an app like this since I traded my PDA (with it's quilt app) in for my iPhone. Yay!

Looks great

Looks like I will be using this I make one or more quilts a month. The only think would be good is adding for a second border.


The first quilting app!! It's great to see this. It allows you to set such things as width of fabric, shrinkage allowance, width of borders and binding, type of border (mitered or square), whether you want backing to be lengthwise or crosswise and whether you're willing to piece...then just enter the width and height of the quilt and it calculates it all for you. I work in a quilt shop and this will be great to use to help customers, but also for my own use so I can quickly calculate what I'll need when I find that perfect fabric. Thank you, Mary Kay Podlecki! (And I hope you have some more quilting apps in mind.)

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